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Please note my disclaimer at the bottom of this page. In particular, this is just a list of links that I find personally useful and/or interesting. Inclusion does not represent an endorsement of anything for any purpose. I do not have time to systematically check that the links work, nor that they continue to point where they once did.

Medical: Johns Hopkins MedicineOther Medical
Science: HCV | HIV | Immunovirology | Molecular Phylogeny | Molecular Biology | General
Other:  Delphi® | Palm® | Sun® | Whatever | Travel | Weather

Johns Hopkins Medicine 

Johns Hopkins University top

Maryland top

Medical top

Infectious Diseases stuff

Online versions of print resources & Searching

Research (see also HCV and HIV research below)

Medical education

Other medical resources

HCV top

Professional Organizations


Research resources

General info

HIV/AIDS - General top


Research stuff - Retrovirology

General/clinical stuff

Human genome

Immunovirology top

Straight virology

CladogramMolecular phylogeny/sequence analysis top

Molecular Biology top

General Science

Borland Delphi® Programming - what a joy! top


Unix/Sun/Solaris® resources top

Just plain good/interesting/whatever top

Travel / Leisure

LightningWeather top

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updated  2 Nov 2017